Travelsmate has designed an impeccable software solutionto run a successful car rental business. Our car rental management system software is packed with features that support car renters in every front.

Car rental business prevailing in the market is filled with new challenges in managing vehicles, drivers and operations. With increasing competition in this business, adopting the best car rental management software elevates your business easily.


Look at our incredible best car rental software features:

Fleet Management : Vehicle rental business to operate smoothly need proper fleet tracking, scheduling, maintenance. It is an overwhelming task for vehicle managers to take care of all these aspects. Our car rental management software gives a bird’s eye view of your vehicles at any time of the day with the help of GPS. With the software tool, you can manage vehicle schedules and servicing history efficiently.

Manage Bookings : Car rental booking is no more traditional now. With the advent of web-based car rental management software, hiring a car for rent doesn’t take many phone calls or negotiations. Travelsmate car rental booking software allows car renters to manage bookings on a central booking management tool. With the easy-to-use web interface, you can manage bookings from different locations while ensuring proper fleet utilization. Once a booking is done all the details are stored online.

Manage Dispatch : To overcome the hassles of traditional car dispatch process, we have developed car rental reservation software with excellent features. Once bookings are done, user is provided with option to dispatch manually or automatically. You can check the availability summary of each car for a period. Booking and dispatch records day wise and city wise can be viewed.

Tariff Management : Often car rental owners must list down regular and special tariffs for a day, night, weekends, outstation. Our car hire software enables users to professionally manage tariff by providing detailed information on plans and pricing.

  • You can make special car tariff offers for your customers, vendors.
  • Day/night : You can set your own car tariff margins to operate during day and night separately.
  • Time/distance : You can also set charges hourly or according to the distance (per Km) covered in a day.
  • Weekend : Different tariffs for the weekend can be set, unlike regular days.
  • Outstation : Software allows you to generate a special tariff for outstation for one or more days.

Vehicle Tracking : With our easy-to-use web-based platform, you can track the real-time location and see the details of the driver riding the vehicle. On a single window, you can view the vehicle speed, location, status, route history, vehicle trip data for a day or week or month, mileage, fuel and time. Multiple vehicle locations can be monitored on a single screen. The user is also provided with an option to view past journey complete history for a selected driver or vehicle.

Billing and Invoice : Car rental software with paperless billing makes the process of invoice preparation easy. It allows both manual and auto-generated invoices. Our software generates recurring invoices for repetitive customers and recurring data is prefilled while preparing invoices. It also considers the distance and time taken before generating an invoice.

Mobile app : This feature is yet another value-added solution provided by Travelsmate car rental system. The car rental business owner can keep a track of the vehicles that come in and go out. This system provides privilege to buyers to make the rental bookings online without any hassle. SMS/Email alerts are sent to car owners updating them about vehicle movement.

Cloud Storage : All the car and business documentations are stored in cloud server. You can store critical information regarding your business securely in cloud.

Rental Agreement : Car rental agreement is a vital part of rental process. To ease this process, we have developed a comprehensive rental agreement tool. It generates predesigned rental contracts. You are free to choose the best contract that suits to your business. We also provide an option to choose a customized agreement that fits bests to your business need.

Insurance : Managing many vehicles for car rental operations need a record of car documentation. Our software with strong intent to ease all workflow involved in operations, records vehicle documentations. It keeps tracks of road taxes paid, insurance renewal and other correlated information in one database.

Vehicle Maintenance : Car hire owners with many vehicles in hand, need to continuously monitor its fitness. To sustain their business reputation, they should provide the customers with best cars. It is often difficult to maintain records regarding fitness, insurance, car details, road tax and permits. Our car rental management software helps the user to get better control of these variables.

Vehicle Damage Management : Car rental software aids car hire owners to thoroughly keep track of all damages, scratches. It allows you to handle all the cars together with damage description and photo put together for services. Creating maintenance records for each vehicle gives you better control of your business operations.

Reports : Every business is unique and requires multiple types of reports to analyze before final accounting operation. We have designed our software to provide the user with customized reports quickly. Our software for car rental business generates in-depth reports with summary and detailed break-down of all aspects of your rental business. Some of the reporting options include mileage per vehicle, tax, insurance, bills, invoices, payments, driver performance and vehicle return on investment.

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Travelsmate car rental software is most affordable and intricate softwaresolution prevailing in the car rental industry. It eliminates all the challenges faced by car rental brokers and small business owners.Our car rental software for small business offers an easy to use platform for businesses of all size with its tailor-made features.

Let’s look at the key aspects of Travelsmate car rental broker management system:

  • With simplified booking and dispatch you can manage daily car rental activities efficiently.
  • Configurable tariff rate to meet all kinds of booking reservations.
  • Easy to implement with simple interface.
  • Locate car or driver easily with the GPS integrated online software.
  • You can effortlessly gain control over a large number of vehicles and drivers.
  • Cloud based platform stores all car documentation and other agreements in its database securely. You can easily organize and manage huge data.
  • Payments of the drivers according to the trips taken can be recorded.
  • Keeping track of car maintenance helps to reduce unnecessary servicing cost and ensures proper fleet utilization.
  • Mobile app feature of our software sends SMS/Email alerts for small business brokers.
  • Online billing and invoice help small business car renters to keep track of cash flow. You can also customize the invoice.
  • Agreements of long term, short term rentals can be stored online for future invoice generations. Renewals can be done online.
  • Car rental broker software can easily keep track of insurance claims, their rates, schemes etc.
  • Better customer satisfaction and transparency.
  • Saves your precious time and money.


online car rental software

Travelsmate online car rental management system is constructed with the latest technologies that include cloud for storage. Cloud is a virtual data pool to store, maintain and exchange information online.

Car rental businesses that adopt cloud technology provide a web-based interface to users. To efficiently run car rental business and to sustain in a highly competitive market, car rental owners are moving their businesses to cloud based car rental software.

Advantages of using Travelsmate online car rental software:

  • Customization offered : We offer customization to your business. In order to meet the client’s needs, we provide car rental software specifically tailored to car renters.
  • Multiple booking : With the online software you can manage booking request from multiple customers at a single time professionally.
  • IT Cost : Moving to cloud drastically reduces IT costs. Setting up a virtual platform for your business minimizes IT operations.
  • Scalability : Our online car rental software helps for the uplift of your business. Using cloud gives you more free time to get on with the smooth running of your company.
  • Online Reservations and tariff : Web based car rental system provides 24*7 booking availability with customizable tariff groups. You can set your own charges.
  • Manage fleet : You can track your car from anywhere. This software enables you to monitor the status of booked cars ensuring efficient fleet utilization.
  • Fleet safety : Our vigilant car rental software always tracks your car locations with less possibility of car robbery or misuse.
  • Revenue management : You can store all business transactions in the cloud, and can access all accounts remotely at your convenience.
  • Safety ensured : All the company-specific data like invoices, agreements and other confidential information are stored safely in cloud.
  • Less infrastructure : Adopting online car booking system results in paperless transactions and limited employees. This increases efficiency and profitability at a very low cost.
  • Data recovery : You need not search bundles of papers for the past invoices or booking information. On a single control panel, you can view, retrieve past booking history or information any time.


Travelsmate car rental system is a customer-centric software with enormous features specifically designed for car rental industry. Our system is structured explicitly for little to enormous car renters.

These days car rental organizations are looking for unique software to steer their business. Many car rental system softwareis available in the market, choosing the best product is most vital.

We are the leading provider of best car rental software, established in Hyderabad, Telangana. Our innovative software solution not only streamlines your business activities but also augments your income.

Let’s focus on some of the key aspects of Travelsmate car rental software:

  • Online booking requests and confirmation results in the fastened reservation process.
  • Multiple tariff groups according to the client’s needs.
  • Company data is always shielded by Cloud.
  • Efficient fleet management streamlines your business.
  • Accessible to small and medium car rental businesses.
  • Customized rental agreements.
  • Mobile alerts to update car renters about all activities.
  • Manage sales and achieve your targets soon.
  • Provision for manual or auto-generated billing and invoice.
  • Create your own detailed reports.
  • Increase business profitability and income.


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Instantly boost your business with these popular features:

  • Online reservation
  • Customized Tariff
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle damage control
  • Advanced reporting
  • Cloud
  • Digitized agreements
  • Mobile app
  • Instant billing and invoice


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