Travelsmate innovative corporate car rental system is a customizable software for the smooth functioning of your enterprise. It is a flexible reservation software to manage bookings, dispatch, fleet and finally billing.

Our corporate car hire software provides a technical solution for travel agencies, car rental agencies, tourism industry, corporate companies and other clients.

Let’s look at the versatile features of Travelsmate corporate car rental system software:

Fleet Management : Car rental vendors with numerous vehicles at hand need a fast to implement software to manage cars, drivers. Our software solution embraces all the requirements of your enterprise. With integrated GPS we provide real-time status of your cars and drivers.

Online Reservation : Our unified system for car rental allows users to create car booking with few steps. You can monitor active, current and booked trips at any instant along with driver or car information.

Travel companies with car rental software on their portal can offer advanced booking feature to all tourists to reach the destination.

Dispatch Management : When a new booking request is raised, the system upon receiving confirmation generates dispatch. All the bookings day wise and city wise are recorded.

features of corporate car rental software

Tariff Card : Corporate car rental management system provides option for setting fare for all types of available cars. You can set tariff rate under different categories and change them too. Corporate businesses are allowed to choose the cars of their choice. Every enterprise is provided with separate login to manage their bookings.

Vehicle and Driver Location Management : With GPS tracking feature you can stay updated about car or driver location. You can search for each driver or car location individually. This ensure efficient fleet utilization.

Customized Billing and Invoice : Billing and invoice module of our car rental software generates instant slips with the company details printed over it. You can customize the billing process according to the corporate requirements.

Mobile app Update : To notify the user about reservations and other car status alerts, software sends SMS/Email.

Customized Agreement : Travelsmate cloud based corporate car reservation software stores all digital agreements in cloud. To facilitate different corporate enterprises, software allows user to customize agreements for each vehicle.

Vehicle Management : Corporate car rental reservation software alleviates the burden of managing vehicles and drivers. Single person is sufficient to manage corporate bookings instead of a department to handle all fleet issues. Regular car maintenance and insurance renewals is no more the concern of corporate enterprises. Car rental vendors can efficiently plan car servicing, fuel management, car damages and other fleet issues.

Multi-language and Currency : Our software is available in multi-language and currency to cater to global clients. This helps to approach larger market.

Advanced Reporting : To facilitate enterprises corporate car rental business software generates detailed daily, monthly and yearly reports. Customization option while generating report is allowed.


Travelsmate is a leading software provider of car rental software, has successfully implemented leading-edge technology to its clients. With a thorough understanding of car rental industry our easy to use, customizable corporate car rental management system improves your business management.

Whether your organization maintains a small or large volume of cars, car management software is the ultimate solution to reduce and control running costs, remove risks and increase productivity. Typical car rental management processes include tasks such as driver management, car leasing, maintenance, fuel management, managing records.

Small business brokers to get an edge on car rental management are rapidly adopting corporate car rental broker software.

Let’s dive into the benefits of Travelsmate car rental software:

  • Car reservations can be done instantly in few steps. You can view the list of cars, tariff, availability on a single screen before booking. Advanced booking options integrated into this software makes it the best choice for travel business, hotel industry and car rental agencies.
  • With corporate car rental software for small business, you will be able to track cars and driver’s movement in real-time. Small businesses with fewer cars in hand can efficiently manage resources.
  • The software lets you to create SMS/Email reminders about the overall health of your vehicles and schedules vehicle servicing.
  • Travelsmate software is capable of scheduling safety checks and record accidents. In case of car damage or breakdown recovery, all details are stored along with pictures.
  • To make sure your business stays profitable Travelsmate software includes report functionality. It gives an overview of all costs associated with vehicles.
  • You can effortlessly manage driver records. Irrespective of the size of the business, you can store all driver-related documents in cloud storage. It keeps corporate records accessible, manageable and updated.
  • Our customized software ensures higher customer satisfaction. Eventually, your company brand will guarantee the reliability of service.


With the increasing demand in the transportation business,Travelsmate provides a highly trusted and extensively recognized web-based corporate car rental system. It is created to digitize your car rental business and offer customers hassle-free online services.

Now renting a car online need few clicks on mobile or web portal. Many entrepreneurs are investing in online corporate car rental software to witness business growth at a rapid pace.

A brief overview of Travelsmate online corporate car rental management system:

online car rental software

Quick Car Reservation : The software enables the usersto make car booking instantly or request advanced booking online. Our cloud based software enables car renters to manage reservations from anywhere.

Customizable Tariff : Our software is built-in with a customizable tariff feature. You can update car rental fare according to city and time.

Multiple Booking : You can smoothly manage multiple bookings at a time while being aware of all your car booking status.

Car and Driver Tracking : Cloud based corporate car rental software makes it easy to check on drivers. With the real-time tracking functionality, you can locate the driver or car position at any moment.

Virtual data in Cloud : Irrespective of the type of business, with an online corporate car booking system you can make your operations paperless. All the necessary agreements and documents are stored virtually in the cloud.

New Partnerships : Our customized software allows you to extend collaboration with other car rental agencies or other businesses that need car rental services.

Mobile Alerts : Real-time mobile alerts aids in enhanced user experience. The software notifies car bookings, changes in tariff, vehicle or driver location.

Fulfilling Customers : You can reach out to customers quickly while providingthe best customer satisfaction.

Widen Business : You can expand business globally whether you have a travel agency or car hire agency.


corporate car rental software

The car rental industry is in dire need of cutting-edge technology to manage car rental operations. Corporate car rental software is a comprehensive business solution designed by Travelsmate, the most trustworthy car rental software provider in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

With the technological advancement, most car rental agencies using software for car bookings are capable of providing smooth service. Our software primarily streamlines your business and offer customization to the user irrespective of the size of their business.

Outline of Travelsmate best corporate car rental software:

  • Hassle-free online booking from anywhere any-time through the internet. You can manage day-to-day car rental reservations more efficiently.
  • Advanced booking option to facilitate travel and hotel businesses.
  • Customizable price tag for every reservation. You can set prices separately for corporate companies, travel agencies, hotels.
  • With our fleet management module, you can get good control of your resources. At any point of time, you can track all cars and driver’s location.
  • Online car reservation system gathers, stores all essential documents separately in the cloud database. You can retrieve them anytime for analysis.
  • Mobile notification feature will keep you updated about all car rental operations.
  • Our software provides a multitude of reports according to your business requirements.
  • Travelsmate software for corporate car rental companies aims to bring greater business success and provide you more time to plan future business development.


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Empower your own business with Travelsmate, customized corporate car rental software

  • Online car rental booking
  • Personalized Tariff
  • Vehicle management
  • Customized Reports
  • Cloud database storage
  • Custom-made agreements
  • Mobile app


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