Travelsmate has crafted a diversified self-drive car software for car rental companies.It is a typical car rental software without a chauffeur.

Car rentals owners can easily incorporate this software to offer self-drive option to their customers. It allows users to book cars quickly, make payment and drive to their destinations seamlessly.

Blending your car rental software with self-drive feature enhances your reach to many customers. This software mainly facilitates travel agencies, who frequently encounter advanced car bookings for long drives during the weekend.

Self drive car rental software

Features of self driving car rental software to maximize your car booking potential:

Display Cars : With self-drive car rental software you can display all varieties of cars professionally on your web portal. The software provides a filtering option according to budget, price, availability and seater.

You can add new cars to the list or remove old cars at any time.

Define Tariff : Customized rate estimation option allows you to define the price of cars by season, city, location, vehicle type, distance, days and weeks. You can easily change the rates at any time as you wish by adding/removing any variable.

Schedule Booking : Whilebooking self-drive vehicles there is no manual calculation of fare. After entering booking details your customers can view fare upfront before confirming.You can allow your customers to make self-drive car bookings in advance for short term or long term.

Car booking process will be completed only after your customers send a digital license or any driving document.

Multiple Payments : The software provides number of payment processing gateways including online net banking, Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, payment wallets to help your customers to pay as per their convenience.

Digital invoice and billing : Travelsmate’s vehicle rental software comes with a digital invoice generating tool to send a digital copy of the invoice to the customers.

Real-time Location : With GPS integrated into the software, your customers can see their booked car’s location in real-time for pick-up or delivery.Once vehicle is dispatched you can track the exact location of car. This keeps you informed about the proper utilization of vehicles according to rental agreement.

Real-time Notification : Mobile notification is linked with all tasks involved in car rental process. You can exchange any information with your customers and vice-versa. This aids in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Vehicle Management : Software notifies you about servicing schedules to ensure your vehicles are in good working condition. You can provide well-maintained cars to your customers who require vehicles for the long term. Maintaining proper vehicle fitness is mandatory to run a smooth business.

Software aids in handling any unforeseen events while driving. It registers all details regarding such events including vehicle pictures.

Comprehensive Reporting : Car rental software can generate reports precisely for each module or comprehensively to estimate overall ROI.


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  • Customized tariff
  • Online vehicle display and booking
  • Online documentation
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Easy and secure payment options
  • Real-time mobile alerts


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