Travelsmate is the best Fleet management software, helps car rentals to improve their workflow and subsequently increase profits. It enables car rental agencies to get a clear overview of fleet operations.

You can monitor your vehicle movement, maintenance, assignments and operations using our cloud based platform.

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Features of Travelsmate,best fleet management software to boost vehicle productivity:

Vehicle Identity Record : Software displays the list of all your cars along with the information related to its technical characteristics. It further groups them into categories. It also tracks the vehicle’s condition before making any booking.

Rental Management : Software for vehicle management facilitates car rentals to handle short or long-term reservations from different sources.Get a glance view of the current status of each car rental booking.

Flexible Pricing : Build your customized rates according to predefined seasons and rental durations. Fix special rates for weekly, monthly or yearly rentals.

With all the cars list in hand, you can easily label vehicles you do not use anymore as disposed in order to remove them from your rentable vehicle list.

Cloud Document Center : You can store all the important legal documents related to the purchase or disposal of the vehicles. You can also link and cache all the photos of the cars and their administrative documents to be easily accessed at any time. All the important damage related documents such as accident reports can also be stored.

Mobile Alerts : This feature of vehicle tracking software manages your vehicle’s preventive maintenance. You can align administrative routine tasks and insurance expiry or taxes payable.The alert engine sends fine-tuned reminders among a large set of events and parameters.

Invoicing Management : Travelsmate vehicle lease management software generates automatically your rental invoices and sends them to your clients. You can manage your long-term rentals and generate recurring monthly invoices automatically. Online car rental platform allows to track client’s payments and balances and display paid and outstanding amounts.

Financial Insight : Adopting a car rental system provides a broader look at all your financial data as a whole and separately revenues, expenses, net income, and outstanding on a monthly and yearly basis. You can easily evaluate your vehicle’s performance by calculating your fleet total cost of ownership and expenses including road tolls, fuel entries or repairs.

Cost-Saving : Vehicle fleet software is the most cost-effective solution for car rental operators. It offers zero implementation costs and immediate accessibility,resulting in diminished operational costs from day one.

Fleet management can be classified into Vehicle management and Driver management. We have integrated fleet management software with vehicle and driver management functionality

Vehicle Management : Car rental companies often need to check their vehicle health to sustain proper workflow. Fleet management software assists fleet operations along with vehicle management.

Typical vehicle management features to handle vehicles efficiently :

Damage Management : Vehicle management software allows you to record your vehicle’s damage by type and severity. Each record is attached to photos and documents for better visualization. It stores accident details such as time, location and driver information. All damage related documents can be accessed on a web portal from any-where to evaluate damage cost.

Vehicle Maintenance : Vehicle maintenance tracking software records in the system all issues about your vehicles and tracks its progress. It keeps track of the maintenance history of each of your vehicles in addition to details including the service provider in charge, the type and the date of the repair. You can easily pursue the payment history of the services done and display the list of amounts paid and the total amounts due.Regular car maintenance ensures fewer vehicle breakdowns, reduced maintenance costs and increased fleet utilization.

Acquisition and Disposal : You can access all your car acquisition details including vendor/dealer details, the acquisition mode and the amount spent. The software allows car rentals to view payment history for each car and detailed insight into future installments to be paid.

driver management software

Driver Management :

Car rental companies need to manage drivers to gain best productivity. Large enterprises with numerous vehicles need many drivers, which results in the requirement of an efficient driver management system. Travelsmate fleet management software professionally manages driver behavior, license and salaries by creating individual profiles.

Typical Driver Management Features :

Driver Notification : Drivers are notified through mobile alerts on completion of car booking and dispatch. You can communicate with drivers with the mobile app.

Driver Payment : The software handles all the salary-related tasks. It automatically generates an amount payable to each driver, taking into consideration trips covered and leaves taken.



Travelsmate is one of the top leading companies in vehicle management software development. We intend to meet all constraints of small to large enterprise car rentals.

Choosing a compatible vehicle management system for your car rental business needs a thorough analysis of features and benefits. Software should be adaptable to your requirements.

Travelsmate fleet management software focuses more on small business concerns and limitations. We offer a perfect blend of customizable, reliable and affordable software to smoothen your business.

Crucial attributes of Travelsmate fleet management software for small business:

Vehicle Booking : Our software enhances daily vehicle booking tasks. Car reservation requests and confirmation need few steps with Travelsmate unique software.

Tracking Fleet and Driver : With GPSvehicle tracking software you can know the location of every vehicle all times. This makes it easy to dispatch drivers quickly and accurately, keeping your team productive.

Ensure Driver Safety : You can monitor driver behavior in real-time and immediately correct issues such as excessive idling and speeding. This protects your business from risk and ensures driver safety.

Optimize Vehicle Performance : To keep your vehicles safely on the road vehicle maintenance management system sends you frequent alerts about car maintenance. Following a servicing plan will cutdown unproductive time.

Mobile Alert : To stay in constant contact and track business progress you can send mobile updates to drivers and customers.

Quicker Billing : You can create separate billing formats for vendors, individuals and corporate companies. User is also provided with a customization option for billing and invoice.

Reduce vehicle Costs : By monitoring driver behavior and following a proper car maintenance schedule, you will have a fleet that’s efficient, responsive and costs less to operate.

Prevent Unauthorized Usage : You can monitor all vehicle activity in terms of location and time. Travelsmate vehicle tracking management system identifies and reduces unauthorized car usage.


Running a car rental business with technology-based software gives good control over fleet operations. Adopting fleet management software provides valuable insight into driver management and fleet management.

Travelsmate fleet management system is designed to ordinate business activities under a centralized system using a cloud database.

Let’s see how online fleet management software yields profits to your business:

Online Booking : Car rental businesses can offer quick and reliable online car booking to their customers. With transparency in pricing, you can speed-up the dispatch process.

Fleet Tracking : You can locate your fleet at any moment and record its position in cloud. With location history, you can easily manage drivers.

Cloud Database : Cloud based fleet management software provide more mobile-centric flee operations. You can remotely access fleet-related data and transactions.

Driver Management : Online software allows you to create separate profiles for each driver including license, behavioral data, salary and leave details. You can effortlessly manage many drivers at a time.

Fleet Maintenance : You can efficiently manage the health of fleet and get them serviced promptly. Online fleet management software facilitates optimized fleet utilization, there-by reducing maintenance cost.

Fuel and Mileage Management : Cloud database can be utilized to store fleet related data like fuel consumption, mileage, insurance renewals, battery life etc. This assists in estimating fleet ownership cost and helps to make decision on retaining or selling the fleet.

Customized Report : Fleet software allows you to store numerous reports on the fleet, drivers, revenue and sales in the cloud. You can retrieve and customize them as and when needed.



Travelsmate is a technology-driven software provider company compliant with car rental industry. We developed well designed and structured fleet management software packed with top-notch features to run day-to-day activities smoothly.

Our fleet management system software upgrades your business functionalities. It empowers business owners to maintain and manage drivers and any type of fleet.

Key components of Travelsmate,best fleet management software:

  • GPS tracking module provides real-time location details including date and time.
  • You can track fleet’s fuel usage, service schedules, expense reports and more.
  • Companies possessing many drivers can orderly manage them and expect high productivity.
  • Preventive fleet maintenance results in relentless operations.
  • Transparency in case of fleet damage or unexpected accidents aids in making quick decisions.
  • Cloud storage acts as a repository for all important data.
  • Customized billing and reports can be generated according to your business needs.
  • Mobile notifications associated with all modules updates you about routine car rental operations.
  • With less effort in managing the fleet and more time in hand, you can closely monitor business development.


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  • Vehicle management
  • Driver management
  • Fleet tracking
  • Cloud storage
  • Quick vehicle damage analysis
  • Customized reports
  • Mobile notification
  • Instant billing and invoice
  • Increased ROI
  • Happy customers


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