How do self-driving car rental software work?

Rapidly growing car rental industry is changing fast with new innovations every day. Self-drive is the new buzz in car rental sector. Car rental companies are taking a new turn with emerging technology providing self-driving car for rent. Customers can book a car of their choice and drive it for a period of time. They can pickup the car from a specific location orcan opt to get it delivered to their place.

Most of the front-end and back-end process is online. With the cloud-based car rental software customers can search the availability of car, pricing and book car instantly. People who are heading for short trip or outstation can explore land at own pace and schedule.

How self-driving car rental software work

Reasons for increasing popularity

Car rental owner are launching new variance in the business to empower customers.

Gone are the days when a rented car is chauffer-driven, more and more car rental business are sensing the need of self-drive. Driving enthusiasts who enjoys to self-drive rather than sitting back in the car can now get the car of their choice at affordable price.

Specially travellers can avoid mass transport and avail the self-drive service in many cities to get the best comfort.There are a host of reasons why self-drive cars are more preferred to rent, the main one’s being:

Privacy :

If you are travelling as a couple or with family you would definitely feel uncomfortable with the presence of a unknow person. Since weekends, short trips are the best options to spend quality time with family and friends these days self-drive car is a boon. When heading to a long road journey freedom and privacy to plan trip is much desired.

Freedom :

Going for a self-drive rental car gives you the freedom to be your own boss. This not only takes out the fuss and irritation of a trip but also makes it memorable. You are free to start journey later than you planned, leave a place early, and stop as and when you please when you self-drive. There is absolutely no running meter or waiting charges as you don’t have to deal with a driver who needs to be somewhere else at any moment.

Safety :

Another significant problem when driving in India is that of safety. Since drivers are one of the least paid and work like horse all day you cannot expect them to be on top of their senses all time. When you need to go on a long weekend you would anticipate an energetic driver rather than a tired and exhausted one. Apart from that, when you are in control of your own self-drive rentalyou can be more-safer.

Cost-effective :

Major plus point advocating the self-driven rental vs a cab is the cost. From the low-cost car to the most expensive car you get variety of models to choose from. Contrary to the popular belief that rental cars are costly, many car rental owners in India provide self-drive cars at less than half the price of a cab/taxi. You can get an affordable range of cars in most of the metro/urban cities across India.

Basic features

To avail the services of Self-drive car rental Softwarecars one has to follow a string of steps. Many car rental companies have designed and integrated the software with modern features to drive more and more customers.

Display vehicles :

Display your vehicles professionally ranging from small to luxurious high-end cars on your company website. User can search according to their travel need and book based on brands, fuel type, seating, car type, color, facilities, luxury, entertainment facility, ratings, mileage, and many more filters.

Booking process :

Web-based booking engine makes reservation process highly interactive and responsive to users. They can book a car in advance and schedule pick-up at a close pick-up point. Customers can simply share driving credentials online. This make the booking process simple. You can add pick-up and drop-off point for all cities and locations online.

Price season :

Before heading to book a self-drive car, user can use integrated computational tools to estimate price. It can be defined by season, time, location and distance. User can view fare details instantly by automated tools. You can add discount and seasonal offers to attract customers and beat competitors.

User friendly interface :

Friendly control panels will enable you to manage cars, prices, seasons, cities, locations, create car categories, optional extras, receive bookings and more. Some advanced car rental owners can take feedback and review about their services on company websites. They even assist them to interact with delivery agents through in-app chats.

Payment and Auto invoice :

Many entrepreneurs facilitate online and manual payment. Website is integrated with multiple payment gateways to help customers to pay as per their convenience to ensure comfortable rides. Digital invoice can also be generated instantly and sent through mail/SMS.

GPS tracking :

Implementing GPS tools help user to find car pick-up and drop location for their booked car. Customer can find and share car location in real-time.

Wrapping up :

Car rental market is bringing more sophisticated features and functionalities to serve customers better. Self-drive car rental option is being admired more as customers are travelling with ease and flexibility. Some of the big self-drive car rentals- AVIS INDIA, ZOOM CARS, DRIVEZY, OLA and MYLES.

If you are keen on customizing the features of self-drive car rental software TRAVELSMATE is the right option. They provide reliable and economical software to elevate your self-drive car rental business.


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