How car rental management software has changed the rental business

Conventional car rental industry

Car rental sector has been doing business manually since many years irrespective of the size and location. Rental companies either buy or lease vehicles and rent them to customers for a long or short duration. This industry is intricately tied to travel, tourism and hospitality.However, expecting a sustainable growth is least probable.

Need for transformation?

With the digital revolution in all sectors, car rental industry is also undergoing digital makeover. Managing daily activities, documentation and gaining full control of resources are the fundamental tasks of car rental businesses. All these can be simplified with technology enabled business solutions. Many car rental businesses are implementing online software and bringing great business benefits. Adopting digital trends is helping business to grow and gain maximum profits.This improvement has made web-based car rental system an essential tool to build business.

Insight into technology driven car rental software

If you are running a car rental business or an entrepreneur planning to begin car rental startup do embrace software-enable car rental business to widen your business. Little insight into the best features of car rental software will drive you to shift to online car rental software.

Booking Management :

With rising modern technology many customers are preferring online car rental software. This booking feature assists the user to manage multiple bookings at a time eliminating duplicate or overlapped bookings.

Fleet Management :

This feature best helps the users handling large fleet. You can check vehicle details such as insurance, registration, maintenance, driving history and many more in a single screen.

Fare Management :

Car reservation software make tariff estimation easy considering location, time and distance travelled, type of car and many other factors depending on your business needs.

Damage control Management :

Rental solution helps owners to keep track of unpredicted damage to your fleet. You can take pictures of vehicle any maintain a database before and after renting them. These pictures act as legal proof in case of mishap after rental agreement.

Fleet tracking :

Getting full control over fleet and locating vehicles in real-time is most desired feature of car rental owners. Modern GPS enabled car rental software can quickly find the location and status of your vehicle from anywhere. Opting for online car rental software is the new way to go.

Documentation :

Running any business with paperless documentation helps in reducing administration cost. Online car rental management systems are also integrated with reporting capability. You can also get customized report according to your business. Needless paper-based documentationsare now replaced with cloud storage. You canview or modify them anytime from anywhere.

Communication :

Any business with poor communication is chaotic. Online car rental software aids in information sharing at all levels. Owners, customers, drivers and other rental companies can quickly exchange information regarding booking, cancellation, payment, billing, vehicle location any many more through SMS or Email.


  • Multiple car rental booking can be easily handled with online reservation system. Upfront information about vehicle status helps to confirm bookings.
  • Online car rental software offers both manual and online payment option. Customers preferring online mode can make payments securely.
  • Generating invoice in just a few clicks save time and you can also avoid paper work.
  • Real time tracking feature available in most modern software helps owners to track vehicle and driver activities at any moment.
  • Tracking fleet results in optimum fleet utilization.
  • Easily detect vehicle damage and schedule servicing.
  • Documentation regarding agreements, renewals, insurance claims and performance reports are all stored securely.
  • You can gain high ROI and greater profits. Communication at all levels can be facilitated in one platform.You can connect and manage business from anywhere anytime.
  • Regular feedback and reviews from customers would help you to improve services and create brand awareness.

Implementation cost

To digitize your car rental business all you need is zero to minimum implementation cost. You can quickly implement a simple to robust software. Accessibility is immediate and you can notice a significant reduction in operational cost. Most of the software are provided with user-friendly interface that doesn’t need any kind of employee training.

Software providers

Many car rental management software is providing software with exciting features. NAVOTAR, SAGENDA, RENTCENTRIC, RENTSYST are car rental providers to name a few. Travelsmate is a convenient and affordable online car rental system software that helps to manage business seamlessly.


Look for a reliable, secure and scalable software to enhance your business. Online business solutions will surely help your car rental business to survive and win the competition. All the features and benefits discussed provide enough evidence that Online car rental management software is a must to every car rental business. Finally provide the best renting experience to your customers.


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